Golf is not just a leisure activity

With the nice weather rolling around, it reminds me that golf season is right around the corner. This is my PSA about Golf:

Stretching is important, strength training is important, form is important. PLEASE STOP CONSIDERING GOLF TO BE A LEISURE ACTIVITY. If you don't know the right stretches, talk to a PT. If you don't know the right exercises, talk to a PT (or a trainer). If you don't know about your form, talk to a golf Pro. If you are spending 90 dollars on a round once a week, spend a few more to have an assessment by a Physical Therapist, a Golf Pro or a personal trainer (who understands the sport).

Many golf injuries can be avoided with some easy stretches and a little stability training as the season approaches. Often times, injuries arise from a tightness in the spine, hips or shoulders. If your thoracic spine is tight, because the muscles in your back are tight, you won't rotate as much as you need to so your shoulders or hips will have to compensate. Over time, this compensation leads to injuries. The same can be said for tight shoulders, causing abnormal stresses in the lower part of your arm which can contribute to golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis) and other similar injuries.

Whether you are playing one time a month, or five times a week, you should have a program in place to help prevent injuries. Have a physical therapist take a look at where you might be tight or weak and have a Golf Pro take a look at your form. Check out the stretches below to get ahead of the injuries this season!

"You know it's funny because I golfed this weekend and this stretch feels good right where I was sore"

Check out our YouTube channel for additional prehab exercises and stretches. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for seasonal exercises/tips/tricks!

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