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85 Main Street
Buzzards Bay


Physical Therapy - Sports Rehab - Sports Recovery

PTU at Buzzards Bay is your go-to PT clinic if you are, ever were, or someday want to be an athlete!  We have a reputation in Bridgewater as the best and we hope to support the athletes in the Bourne community in the same way!  In addition to athletes we also treat patients of all ages and injuries/impairments!  Not sure if we're a good fit?  Come meet our therapists or talk with our front desk for more info!  We are currently open Monday-Thursday from 7-7 and Fridays 7-12.


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Just a reminder: *This message is not HIPPA compliant and by submitting you understand the risk of sending a message via the internet.  This message will be sent to the front desk team who will help you to the best of their ability!

Physical Therapy - Sports Rehab - Sports Recovery

In additional to traditional physical therapy services through insurance, we offer group and 1 on 1 strength and conditioning classes (for Middle/High School students & 55+ classes), Dry Needling, and Myofascial Release (40 minute sessions)!  For more information please submit a message above or call for our latest offerings.  

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