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What happens on the first visit?

The first visit is an evaluation.  Your therapist will start by asking you questions related to your injury/diagnosis.  From there your therapist will assess the strength and mobility of your body, structural anatomy and muscle density.  These assessments will be compared to "normal" and you will be given a diagnosis and prognosis (an explanation of your injury and an estimated time of recovery specific to you). 


How long are the treatment sessions?

Your evaluation and treatments will be about 40 minutes.  Please arrive ~5-10 minutes early for your evaluation.  If you are unable to stay for that long, times can always be adjusted for you!


Will it hurt?

It is our goal for you to leave each session feeling better than when you came in.  Pain is something we want you to leave behind.  We can help you do that. 


How long will I need to come?

This is very individualized.  At your initial evaluation we will be able to give you an estimate of what we think you will need and what we would recommend for you. 


What shoulder I wear?

Comfortable clothes and sneakers are preferred but not neccesary. 


Do I need a script (prescription) from an MD?

For your initial evalutation a prescription/order is recommended but not required.  After your initial evaluation if you do not have a script we will call your primary care or specialist, fax the evaluation and acquire the appropriate prescription/signatures.  If your doctor is in agreement with our recommendations we can begin treatment sessions. 


Will my insurance cover Physical Therapy?  What will this cost me?
We will call your insurance carrier and find out what, if anything, you will be charged.  Depending on your insurance plan you may have a copay, co-insurance or deductible.  Your insurance might also cover the cost completely.  If you wish to not utilize your insurance we have a prompt pay rate of $150 for the evaluation and

$100 dollars for each treatment which must be paid at the time of service.  This is discounted off the price that we charge for our services to insurance because the full payment happens in advance of treatment.


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