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Running Gait Analysis

What can a running gait analysis do for you?

A running gait analysis will allow you to maximize your running efficiency, help you build tissue resilience and reduce your risk of injury so you have a long and healthy running career!

Your first visit includes a strength and flexibility assessment, a history of your running journey, a stability and balance assessment, a review of your motor control, force production and landing mechanics, a general health background screening and a video analysis of how YOU run!  At  the conclusion of your assessment you will be given a customized program which will include tips, exercises and stretches that will help you achieve your running goals!  

This comprehensive 60 minute assessment of your running form and the programming that goes with it is valued at over $250 and we are offering it for $150 at PTU!  Each subsequent visit will be 40 minutes and will include a re-assessment and progression of programming.  These follow up sessions are $100 each (valued at over $200)!

Book your Running Gait Analysis 

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Marathon in the City

I recently completed a running gait analysis with Laura.  I have been running for 15 years and am training for two marathons this year.  As I get older, I want to focus on staying injury free while becoming stronger and more efficient.  Laura was extremely thorough as she examined my running form from several angles and took me through a series of exercises to further assess my body mechanics, strengths, and weaknesses.  We were able to watch a video of me running so she could show me how I could improve my form.  Laura was able to discover some imbalances that I didn’t know I had, and gave me a personalized program to get stronger.  The exercises and stretches that she put together have made me feel like a stronger runner, and I recently PR’d in a half marathon.  I would highly recommend a running gait analysis for all runners, from beginners to advanced.  I found it to be an invaluable addition to my training."


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