Fitness Programming

At PTU we offer year round personal training, group fitness, sport specific training and strength and conditioning!  See below for upcoming fitness programs!  Use this link PAYMENT to pay and reserve your spot.  Email with questions.

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Group classes to elevate your strength, power, flexibility and overall confidence on and off the field.  Programming created by Ed Yeadon, Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, Strength and Conditioning Coach and PTU's Gym Program Coordinator!

Tuesday's 9-10am in May

55+ Core and Balance Tune Up!

Join Eddie in this small group training class with a focus on improving core strength and balance.  $20 per class, runs for 6 weeks, pay per class or ahead

Fitness in Gym
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Thursday's 9-10am in May

55+ Full Body Strength Training

Enjoy this 6 week program which focuses on full body strength training for clients 55 and over.  $20 per session, pay in advance or each class you can attend.

Middle School Strength and Conditioning

Monday's 7-8
Wednesday's 7-8


Choose the Monday or Wednesday group for a 6 week training program with a focus on strength, power, flexibility and overall confidence for on and off the field!  Starts June 6th and June 8th.  $125 for 6 weeks.  Call to reserve, spots are limited!

Strength Training for Runners

SATURDAYS 7-7:45am

Join Steph for this 6 week long strength training intensive!  Learn the basics to get you running faster, stronger and more comfortable!

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