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If you are a Physical Therapist, with a passion for sports, we have the IDEAL career for you!

Growth Potential

As a growing physical therapy clinic we have lots of opportunities for creation of programming including sport specific performance therapy and wellness programs

Company Values

"Our value is the sum of our values" -Joe Batten

At PTU we treat everyone as a PERSON.  This goes for our patients AND staff.   We are a family first company. 


Clinical education

Time off (holidays, vacation time, sick time)

 401K matching

Flexible Scheduling

AND more!


Julie, PT

PTU has been a great environment to work in. We have been so lucky to have grown into a huge, open space which is well equipped to treat our athletes and the community. It is like a family here, from patients knowing one another to a strong team of clinicians. Our patient care model allows for one-on-one treatment time with excellent support staff. I have been a clinician for over 30 years and this environment is a pleasure to work, learn and grown in

Cassie, DPT

Never thought I'd be so lucky to fall into my dream job right after graduate school. PTU is the perfect place to learn from an amazing team of mentors. I always feel fully supported from the whole staff: clinicians, aides, and front office operations. We truly look out for one another. It is uncommon to come across a clinic and owner so passionate about our clients having a positive healthcare experience. In turn, it is a positive experience for everyone involved. PTU gives you the tools, educational opportunities, and autonomy to treat our patients the best way possible.

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